Thursday, April 15, 2010

Paint Score

Yesterday after work I visited our local Ace Hardware. In my purse I had a coupon for $5.00 off each gallon of Ace Royal Paint up to a limit of 10 gallons. When I got to the paint aisle I noticed that Ace Royal Paint was on sale and there was a current $5.00 per gallon rebate on top of the sale. I pulled out my coupon and was thrilled when the Helpful Hardware Man told me I could use it on top of the sale and rebate. At the checkout I was also able to use a $5.00 coupon Ace sent me for my birthday. Finally, I had a $50.00 Ace gift card that we earned as a cash back reward from our credit card.

Final tally - once I mail in the rebate, I will have paid just over $30.00 for over $150.00 worth of paint. Lovely!

Guess what I'll be doing on my day off work tomorrow....


  1. can you go shopping for me???!!!!
    great job.... I hope to make it up again very soon to help, if nothing else, walk with c. how are the bats?
    aunt j

  2. Yayyyy!!!!

    (Hmmm . . . there's a great math test question in there . . . )

  3. Aunt J - sure, I can go shopping for you, but the only stores I get to these days are the hardware/home improvement kind. :) And the bats are just fine, although we're slowing plotting their eviction. My dad located an old telephone pole for us to hang the new bat houses on, we've just got to get it to the EH and find a way to put it up....

    Kate - the paint was originally $28.99 a gallon, and I paid $4.99 a gallon plus tax (but don't tell the teacher I told you that!)

  4. SlowLY plotting their eviction.

    (I must be up too early this morning.)

    (Either that or I'm getting old.)

  5. That's ok, because with all the substituting I'm doing, I AM the teacher!