Saturday, March 26, 2011

More Bridge Pictures

It's finally dried out enough that I was able to get down along the creek to get some pictures better documenting the current condition of our stone bridge.  I'll mostly let the pictures speak for themselves here.

The east side first:

And the west side:

I also snapped a few pictures of the creek itself, including the one below:

I didn't notice it when I took the picture, but the above photo clearly shows the high water mark from the flooding that damaged the bridge.  Note the debris hanging in the tree branches:

It will be a few months yet before it's dry enough to start any work on the bridge.  Although I hope there is not too much additional deterioration through the spring, in one sense the delay is welcome.  I've realized that (for me at least) 70% of any project around here is mental.  If I jump into a job too soon I'm a nervous mess, doubting myself and feeling incompetent the whole time.  Even if I successfully complete the job at hand, I'm not going to enjoy myself while doing it.  But if I have time to think the work through, to 'wrap my brain around the job' first, I'm much more confident when it's time actually dig into the physical work.  At first the damage to the bridge was overwhelming to me.  But one month out from the flooding, I'm feeling mentally ready for this challenge. 

(With no ill will meant to our local farmers)
 Here's wishing for a dry summer!


  1. This breaks my heart, hope we are able to rebuild it. Maybe I should start doing exercises to strengthen my back!

  2. This looks like a really big project but what a gorgeous place!! I will be eager to follow along.

  3. perhaps we can arrange a "camp einsel" weekend. Camp in tents, have Lawrence bring bulk water for rigging an outdoor shower, eat over a outdoor fire... and lug stones off the creek bed in a side by side line to help prevent injury. Yes, I can see your horrified faces now at the thought of such a weekend! But I hope whatever it takes to restore your bridge can happen. But just think.. available resources. (Backhoe, water tank, several campers or tents, can rent a generator for extra power, and several lunatic relatives for the actual manpower.) Could make a good movie or whatever! :) Aunt J.

  4. God bless you, Aunt J - and the rest of our "lunatic relatives" also. Charles and I could never have come this far on our own.

    And if a Camp Einsel weekend does happen, I think Charles and I might even let any campers use the indoor shower. :)