Saturday, May 21, 2011

The Shed

I've not talked much about the shed here.  Frankly, that's because it's ugly.

But hopefully by the end of this summer this little black sheep of our buildings will be more presentable.  The past two weekends I've been busy cleaning out the weeds, cinder blocks, and other assorted odds and ends that have been surrounding the building.

Here's the west side last Saturday morning (I'd already pulled out some pieces of metal fencing and yanked out the largest dried out remains of last summer's massive weeds):

And by 3pm today:

I don't have a great before picture of the north side of the shed.  When we bought the property this side was an assortment of small animals pens in various states of disrepair and all overtaken by weeds that were taller than I am.  5'1" might not be that tall for a 31 year old woman, but it's pretty impressive for a weed.  We had help back in late 2009 from some of my cousins, and Charles worked last fall to finish dismantling the pens on this side of the shed.  Today I cleared out all the remaining stones, broken glass and rubble, then weeded and smoothed the area before spreading grass seed.

The two pictures below will give some idea of the progress here (and of the work still to come!).  The pictures actually are of the east side of the building, so try to ignore the growing holes in the awning roof and focus on the changes in the right half of the pictures.

October, 2009:

May, 2011:

Guess which side we're working on tomorrow if the weather holds?  : )


  1. My best suggestion would be to spend a weekend slapping a coat of paint on the shed. We recently repainted our rough looking garage and it actually looks decent enough to ignore :)

  2. "Decent enough to ignore" - I like that, sounds like the goal for several projects around here. :)