Saturday, June 11, 2011

Kim On A Hot Tin Roof

I developed a couple of plans during the week for finishing the shed roof,  but it didn't take long today for me to realize that if the rest of the old awning roof was going to come off I would need to scrap my plans, conquer my fear, and climb onto the roof. 

And I did it. 

Definitely pushed my limits today, but I was in prime DIY (destruct-it-yourself) mode, and it feels good to have this part of the job done.  (Although I suspect it might not feel so good tomorrow morning...)
Anyway, after working from 10am to 7:30pm today the shed has gone from this:

to this:

Possibly doesn't look like much change for a whole day's work, but believe me it was a whole day's work.  And typical of most jobs, the last little bit of work was among the most difficult.  The screws holding the rafters to the barn roof had been drilled in so far some of the heads were almost a 1/4 inch below flush.  Of the 13 rafters, 9 came out with moderate difficulty.  Two came by vise grips (only after repeatedly hammering a drill bit into the screw heads and s-l-o-w-l-y backing them out just enough to grab).  And in spite of my best efforts the I managed to completely strip the last two screws without raising them enough to grab with the vise-grips.  Charles came to my rescue by taking a hand saw to these last two rafters and cutting a 'v' around each screw until we were able to work the rafters loose.

Tomorrow's forecast is just about perfect - sunny and 72 degrees - but I think I'll take a break from the house and take the kids on a field trip.  Mohican State Park was my first thought, but depending how much walking I feel up to that may be amended to Kingwood Center.

And one last piece of news for this post - the general contractor who worked on the house in 2009 and 2010 brought ten sheep for our pasture today.  The plan is for them to spend the summer with us.  They kind of make the place feel like an actual farm.  : )


  1. The old barn is looking so much better, eager to see the finished project. You should be very proud of all your work! So which was it Mohican State Park or Kingwood Center? Love, Mom

  2. Mohican, but the next field day can be Kingwood.