Monday, May 28, 2012

Be Still My Heart

Two cousins continued a tradition this Memorial Day.  One journeyed up from the south and the other down from the north.  They met each other in the middle, to visit together the graves of their ancestors.  But they added an extra stop this year, visiting the stone house that was in their family from 1901-1997.  

The cousins are on their respective ways back home right now. But they were kind enough to leave behind a memento of their family's years here.

That's the Einsel House, circa 1906.  The children are siblings, Carl and Norma Frankenfield.  The woman is probably their mother, Emma Frankenfield.

 For now this picture only graces the blog, but it's going to be framed and hanging on the dining room's west wall just as soon as I can get it enlarged and find an appropriate frame.


  1. Kim... the porch had columns! Aunt J

  2. Wow what a treasure, it was very kind of them to visit and leave the photo. Enjoy !!!!!

  3. That is so unbelievably cool! I just put our house up for sale and would love to find a beautiful old house full of history ! -Mandy B.