Thursday, May 6, 2010

More Wildlife

It finally happened.
It was soft and brown and kind of fuzzy.
It had elf-like pointed ears.
And two legs.

And two wings.

And it was in the house.

I wish I had been there to take pictures. I've seen a bat before when it is dopey from the light of day, and they are almost cute. My uncle was able to pick it up without any argument and carry it out to the shed where he gently laid it in a dark corner. Hopefully it found its way back to our attic in the wee small hours of last night, to share its harrowing tale of the day before with its own uncles, aunts and cousins galore.


  1. By this may I conclude that the outdoor bat houses aren't up yet? Here's to the day when all the batty uncles, aunts, and cousins will have their own condos and you can possess your own attic in peace!

  2. Kate! I've been swamped with house stuff (thus the lack of Einsel posts of any substance) but it's good to hear from you again. The bats are still in the attic, blissfully unaware that there is a telephone pole laying in the yard with two black boxes anchored to its top just waiting for the local electric company to stop by with a truck to set the pole.