Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Between Projects

It's another little lull here I know, so I thought I'd pop in and put up a few pictures to show life in the Einsel House between projects.

On a sunny day last week I snapped this picture of Neil perched on a window sill in the living room, deeply absorbed with the math workbook in front of him:

And this past Sunday afternoon I put off my plan to starting painting beams in the kitchen and instead made and decorated cut out cookies with Cecilia:

Those beams in the kitchen will still be there to paint next weekend.


  1. : ) you are very wise to know the beams will still be there another day ! I do have a nosy question, what is the interesting decorative piece behind the cookies, in the corner of your countertop?
    blessings to all, Love, Aunt Barb

  2. It's an early birthday present from my parents - an antique scale, and I put some willow twig balls on each side. (And if we have barn kittens here in a few weeks would you and J have any interest in adopting one?) ;)

  3. : ) Thank you, but no kitten...
    I also need to say how sweet of you to capture Neil in the window, before we know it he won't fit there so well. Someday he will be surprised at show small he was!

  4. I admire the cookie-building project greatly!

  5. Sometimes we have to stop and enjoy what we're working on so we remember why we're working so hard!