Thursday, August 11, 2011


Earlier this week (Tuesday if I can trust my memory) we had some thunderstorms roll through which were followed by the rainbow pictured to the left.  

As the rainbow faded away I walked around to the front of the house and took the picture below.  Notice all the weeds?

All four days this week after work I've been outside weeding.  Monday was the shed.  Tuesday I started in front of the kitchen.  Wednesday I finished in front of the kitchen and started in front of the house.  And today I finished the front of the house.  The lilac bushes and LP tank still need some attention.  I'll hit everything with Round-Up to kill any strays I've missed, but once weeds get so big I just have to pull them.  (Round-Up is certainly easier, but I can't stand looking at dried up dead weeds.)

I've had company while I work:

It will be nice to get home from work tomorrow to a house that's back to this:


  1. The house looks great! I am looking forward to helping with the barn siding. It is so relaxing to work outdoors and so rewarding to see a finished project!

  2. I am very excited to have found your blog this morning and looking forward to reading more! We understand weeds! Your home is beautiful!

  3. I just love the front of your house :) It's so charming! Weeds will always be there. I haven't discovered my green thumb yet, so I just ignore!