Monday, October 31, 2011

I'm Going to Choose to Take That as a Compliment....

A couple of weeks ago I was out working on the shed when I noticed a vehicle pull into the end of our driveway.  It stopped at the end of the drive, but looked like my parent's vehicle, so I figured they were picking up the mail and would then come up to the house.  But no one got out of the car and it never progressed up the drive.  Just about the time it dawned on me that it was not my parents, the car backed out and drove (very s...l....o....w....l....y) down the road. 

I'm going to assume they were just admiring the house and not scoping the place out for less savory reasons.

But whoever that visited a couple weeks ago was just completely outdone.  10 minutes ago Cecilia looked out the window and said, "We have company!".  Sure enough, a silver minivan was coming up the drive.  I slipped on my shoes and went out to greet our visitors, but as I opened the door they were already turning around.  I began to walk down the sidewalk anyway and sure enough, just between the barn and shed the van's brake lights came on.  I got about half-way to the van (they had to see me) when the driver let off the break and took the rest of the lane at a pretty good clip.  They headed north out the drive.

I'm not sure what to think.  I'm guessing they just came up the drive to get a better view of the house, but I admit I'm puzzled (and a bit concerned) nonetheless.  I've got a few tools I've been keeping out in the shed, but they'll be locked in the house before nightfall tonight.


  1. Next time you see a silver van anywhere close but not "visiting". QUICK-grab the camera amd ZOOM in to the license plate from one of the upstairs windows.... Then try to get friendly.
    Good idea to lock up the tools... I'd keep the vehicles locked too.
    On the bright side, maybe they are after a kitten? :) Aunt J

  2. That is kind of weird. If they were admiring the house, I'd think they'd stay to ask you about it. You're not some place where it's convenient to turn around if they've taken a wrong road, are you?