Saturday, February 27, 2010


At about 3:00 this afternoon I sanded the last piece of trim around the front door.

Afterward, I toured the house with a tape measure in hand, and by my rough estimate we have sanded 1,142.1 linear feet of woodwork since late December. That includes baseboards, window trim and door trim.

Not included in that number (but also sanded) are 6 doors (front & back), 2 more doors (fronts only), 14 stairs (treads & risers) and the bannister at the top of the stairs.

There is still a lot of dust that needs cleaned up.


  1. Now my question is: who is staining all that woodwork? You guys or are you outsourcing that piece?

  2. Us of course. (Although technically we won't be staining it, just finishing it. I'm debating between tung oil or satin urethane.)

  3. Wow, you guys are tough! I am much too lazy for all of this. :)

  4. Tung oil is nicer and easier and a lot less messy. My 2¢.