Friday, February 19, 2010

In Other News

Although our time at the house has been dominated by one activity for the past two months or so (see yesterday's post), our contractors have kept busy with other jobs. Here's the north end of the kitchen:

Even in person you can't tell which beams have been there since we bought the place and which ones are new.

The dining room ceiling is also going back together. The new joists were delivered last Monday, and before leaving the house I snapped the following picture of them waiting to be put up:

Our contractors almost had the whole ceiling covered before we had a chance to see the new joists in place, but luckily my mom stopped by the house yesterday just in time to snap the picture below before the last section of drywall went up to cover the newly installed joists:

And although I don't have pictures for the rest, the following signs of progress also merit mention here:

-the new dining room chandelier arrived earlier this week and is waiting patiently in its box

-the new front door has been ordered and should arrive in about 2 weeks

-the sidelights and transom for the front door have new (wavy) glass in them, and they are resting in a safe place while the new glazing "cures"

-the ceiling in the back bedroom is now under drywall

-my Uncle J has been busy rerouting plumbing lines, cleaning out the sub pump pit, and continuing electrical work (we now have light switches for the living room and office, and 2 switches for the dining room)

-there are about 14 new inches of blown in insulation in the ceiling above the south end of the kitchen

We're getting there!

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  1. can't wait to see the house again!!! it already looks so different then the last time i was there!!