Thursday, May 27, 2010

"It does need a significant amount of work"

So says the auction listing. I suspect "significant amount of work" might even be an understatement, but still, I'm smitten by the photos of this house. I hope the winning bidder on June 16th is able to give this place the love it needs.

I think I see built in shelves on one side of this fireplace.

Check out the dental molding on that frieze board!

More from the auction listing - "Will offer a 1820`s brick home with a Civil War era addition. This dwelling once operated as an inn located along the river and within 2 miles of some recreational lakes. This Home has 3 original fireplaces, hand hewed beams, standing seam roof & a good artesian well. With this home being near original condition, it does need a significant amount of work & could be considered uninhabitable. This home is not currently under any historical registry."
If you click the link to the listing at the top of this post you can view larger copies of the pictures. (I'm not sure why most of them copied small for me.)

(More pictures of my own house are coming. We've been burning the midnight oil at the Einsel House this week but - fingers crossed - things should slow down again this weekend.)

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  1. What a fantastic old house! I'm in the same boat you are - old houses make me swoon and I wish I could adopt them all. Hopefully it will get the same wonderful care you've given your place.