Friday, July 8, 2011

$268 and 40 Rounds of Buckshot

It's amazing what you can find on the internet.  It took a little digging, but look what I found:
(you'll need to read my last post to fully appreciate this)

That article was printed in August of 1938, which is actually 10-20 years more recent than I was expecting.

I also found a gem of an article from 1933 which related that a 15 year old local student was "suffering from extensive buckshot wounds" inflicted when our curmudgeonly neighbor "fired a shotgun at a group of boys in his melon patch."  Mr. Frankenfield didn't skimp on retaliation for raiding his garden.  "Twenty leaden pellets were removed from the boy's face and more than 20 more are still buried in his head, neck and arm, too deep, according to physicians, for removal....Physicians said he would recover unless complications arise."

Finding these articles made my day for several reasons.  Beyond the fact that the first article basically confirms the oral history as passed on by our octogenarian farmer, I'm also quite tickled to confirm the identity of our bachelor neighbor.  I smiled as soon as I read the name 'James Frankenfield'.  I was hoping it was him.  Although the Frankenfield name hasn't come up here at the blog in the past, Jim Frankenfield will play a starring role in my next house history post....


  1. Wow - that's so cool! I love finding out more about the history of an old house! Ours is new in comparison to yours (built in 1915) and I get so excited every time one of the neighbors or a visitor gives us a new tidbit of information about the past! :)

  2. Sarah - I just followed your profile and am so thrilled to see houseblogs reincarnated! If you are the one who did this then thank you! thank you! I've already updated the link here at the EH. :)

  3. Hi Kimberly - is our site! :) Thanks so much for updating your link! We're just getting started now and working mostly on growing the community (in fact we had 3 new requests to add blogs today!) ... and also have plans for a blog of the month feature and probably some link-parties in the future.