Sunday, July 24, 2011

And The Sun Will Rise

Although I should have gone to bed early last night I stayed up to watch all four hours of the 25th anniversary performance of Les Miserables.  I'm tempted to watch it again tonight.

Sorry about going MIA.  Life has been dropping a lot in my lap recently and none of it's been much fun.  But rather than dwell on anything unpleasant here I'm just going to put up a couple pictures of the last little project I completed here before the current annoyances cropped up.

Here's the before:

And the after:

There's grass planted where I took out the scrawny half-dead lilac, and ivy planted under the remaining lilacs.  The electric box and meter are necessary evils.  Since we have to read it every month when we pay our electric bill, I laid a path of field stones to the meter.

And because she's so darned cute, I'll include this picture of Tiny the Cat:

Like me, she's obviously quite enamored with the Einsel House's deep windowsills.

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