Friday, August 12, 2011

Salvaging Barn Siding

Earlier this week we got permission to start salvaging siding any time.  We planned to start tomorrow but after learning that the contractor who is tearing down the barn also has permission to start his work any time, we decided we could fit a few hours of work in tonight.   Many thanks to my parents for their help.  We have much more of the same ahead of us tomorrow. 

I took the above picture shortly before we left tonight.  I like the lighting in it.  Although I am thrilled to be getting siding for our own shed, there's still a sadness to realize that this old barn will soon be no more. 


  1. The light is beautiful.It does amaze me what people will just throw away. Congratulations on the creative scavenging and good luck with your shed!

  2. What great barn beams! I hope the contractor will be selling them for reuse, and not just taking them to the landfill.