Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Killed the Camera

Those promised pictures will have to wait. Our camera died on Sunday. I think we scared it to death.

Above is one of the last pictures the camera took, and frankly, I can't really blame the camera for going cold with that image on its memory card. The old lintel had to come out so that correct measurements for its replacement could be determined. The new lintel is being carved right now and should be finished on Wednesday or Thursday. Several rows of stone above the lintel were also removed. They had been cut into to place boards supporting the old porch and were starting to fail. The mason took stone from the springhouse to replace the broken stones. These should match the existing stone so that the repaired area blends in with the rest of the wall.

Charles has already ordered a new camera for us, and the first pictures it takes will show some visible progress. The new shingle roof went on yesterday (and they got the metal roof coated as well - thank you weather for warming up a bit!). We've done some finishing woodwork on the front of the addition and a first coat of paint is up on most of the front wall as well. At right is one of the windows cleaned up and primed. Hopefully I'll get a first coat of paint on it tomorrow.

The yard is also looking better. My uncle J (same one who helped shore up the basement stairs) drove over an antique John Deere that once belonged to my great grandfather. It took him a couple of hours but he got the whole pasture cleared. Unfortunately, the chopper caught a stone and my uncle was back today working to straighten the blade back out. My dad was back at the house today, and got the lawn mowed for what should be the last time this season. And tonight my mom, Charles and I planted a nice sized maple tree between the house and the barn.

Tomorrow the new LP tank will be placed and lines run to the house. The heating contractor is planning to have the temporary furnace in by the end of the week. Gutters will also hopefully be up by the end of the week. Temperatures will be flirting with 70 by the end of the week (!!!) so we should be able to get a finish coat of paint on the front wall of the addition as well.

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