Saturday, October 10, 2009

Interior Pictures!

Finally - some pictures of the inside of the house!!! First off is the kitchen. Since the front door is rarely used this is the first room most people will see.

Above is the other end of the kitchen addition. (That dark stain on the floor reeks. Replacing that section of subfloor is on my list for tomorrow. Thankfully, it seems to be the only urine problem in the house.)

The picture below is one I love. This is the view looking from the kitchen into the stone part of the house.

And - into the stone part of the house. Below is a picture of those living room windows that make me melt.

Above is the doorway from the living room to the dining room. (Ignore the Easter Egg Purple walls - they'll be gone soon.) Notice to the bottom right of the door where the baseboard is missing, that's a stone wall you can see. And by the way I measured the baseboard today, it is 13" tall.

Heading upstairs we have this adorable, totally impractical little nook.

Above is a picture of one of the bedroom doors. I love them. I was studying the doors downstairs today and I don't believe they have any nails in them. There are mortise and tenon joints and wood pegs, but I couldn't find any nails. And most still have the original hardware.

I'll close with the following picture, it's not of the house, but it is the view we had pulling out the drive for a Lowe's run this afternoon.

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  1. Hi Kim and Charles, WOW ! fantastic place :) Your Mom is here Kim, and she says the interior window jams are beveled, and didn't know why. I know why ! It is to allow more light to enter the room, less tunnel like ! Weren't they clever builders ? I know that from touring the old stone lighthouse keepers house, at Marblehead ! Can't wait to see in person, love, energy and peace to all of you, Aunt Barb