Friday, August 20, 2010

One Year Ago Today

One year ago today Charles and I and attended our first, and only, sheriff sale.

...There was only a pounding vacancy in my head. No words formed into thoughts, but it was a prayer anyway. At the podium she asked if there were any other bids...

As I sit here today I can recall the emotions of that day so clearly. The nervousness, the fear, the confusion - and ultimately the joy. But as I look back today there is an added emotion. It's not guilt exactly. And yet. There is sorrow in the knowledge that one person's joy can come only at the expense of another person's pain.

Somehow it's the same today as then. The words won't quite form into thoughts, but it is a prayer anyway.


  1. I hope you're talking about the former owners who had to sell and not the bank's hapless lawyer . . .

  2. Um, yeah, Kate, there haven't been any prayers going up from this house for that ___________ (insert word of choice) lawyer. The only pain he felt had nothing to do with this house, and everything to do with his own pocketbook and ego. Both of which could take a hit and still be plenty healthy.