Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Back Inside

True to my word, here are those promised pictures of a lived-in Einsel House.

In the living room (with the daughter engrossed in "Annie")

To the dining room
(I swear this picture didn't seem crooked when I was taking it.)

And the office:

The chest of drawers in the middle was left by the previous owners. Eventually the plan is to refinish/repaint it and put on different hardware.

As you can see, the place is (at best) sparsely decorated, and the indoor lighting has been less than flattering in all my recent pictures. But things are coming together. I have a fully stocked kitchen, a functioning laundry room in the basement, and we even have one (but only one) door that actually has a doorknob back on it:


  1. I notice the curtains are all done! How are the rest (hahaha)? I hope to have the house work here done on low humidity days so I can get back up there and work on the rest. It is a nice place you have there! Aunt J

  2. Wow, those living room windows are FANTASTIC!

  3. I think you guys have done an amazing job!!!