Thursday, July 29, 2010

Still here

I've had several comments over the last couple of weeks about the lack of posts here. I suppose this should make me feel guilty for being a lazy blogger, but to be honest it actually feels rather good to know that people enjoy reading here and miss new posts when I'm on sabbatical.

Since my last few posts featured Einsel scenery and Einsel wildlife, I thought those readers still hanging around would perhaps appreciate an update on the Einsel House itself. So last night (just before a round of storms blew in) I headed outside and took some pictures.

Below is the same shot of the house, taken in September, 2009:

I miss the chimneys. Other than that I'm happy with the improvements. Charles took care of getting our internet connection and TV programming installed. Thankfully he was able to have the new satellite dishes installed at the back of the house, so they no longer mar the historic feel of the house as you pull up the drive. (The gas grill outside the kitchen takes care of that job now.) Unfortunately for Charles, a nest of wasps had taken up residence in one of the old satellite dishes. Just as Charles yanked the dish free from the ground the wasps swarmed out to inform him in no uncertain terms that they did not appreciate having their happy home disturbed. Unfortunately for the wasps, stinging Charles on his bottom was not a successful negotiation method. The wasps had only about a minute and a half of celebration before Charles returned with a can of Raid. Their former happy home went to the local scrap yard a few days later.

Below is a closer shot of the south side of the house. This is the side that our masons repointed this spring. They also replaced the lintels above two windows on this side of the house.

A similar view from last fall:

And a view of the front of the house:

(I suppose I should have moved the vehicles for a "cleaner" picture,
but I guess I was feeling candid. Or lazy.)

The most recent change to the exterior around here has been the addition of a swing set/play house for the kids. This was a Craigslist find:

Here's Cecilia and a friend enjoying the new playhouse, with Bubbles the Guard Dog on duty:

Interior pictures coming in a later post.......

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  1. : ) good to see how things are going ! I am one who keeps checking and enjoys very much seeing what's new... so thanks for keeping this up ! Blessings and love to all,
    Aunt Barb