Thursday, September 9, 2010

Bat Exclusion - Night Four

Actually, I don't have a report for last night.  (Unless you want to hear about Neil and Cecilia's bed-time routine.)  But I went outside this morning and quickly found evidence that everything is continuing as hoped:

I never thought a pile of bat guano could make me smile, but it did this morning. 
Here's a picture of the bat box hanging directly above the droppings pictured above:

I have no idea how many bats are now using the east facing box, but the numbers are clearly going up each night.  Despite this, the bats in our bat boxes are still only a small portion of the colony evicted from our attic.  Wherever the rest are I hope they too have found sufficient shelter. 


  1. I do *not* want to be the guy that has to clean all the guano from the attic someday :)

  2. I don't envy that guy either, S&C. :)

  3. Do you have access to the attic from inside the house? Incidentally, bat guano is excellent fertilizer.

  4. I am a guy that cleans up bat guano and reinsulates attics! I like my job and I use the guano in my garden and in my yard! Last year I had a home that was 1,900 sq ft and I removed eight 5-gal. buckets of bat guano from it!