Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Operation SOS - Part 5

After a very productive day last Wednesday we were rained out early on Thursday.  There wasn't any rain on Friday, but there wasn't any sun either.  I went out at one point, but decided quickly that trying to pick up wet, heavy rocks with wet gloves and then carry them across the slippery ground while increasing amounts of mud were clumping up on my shoes probably wasn't the safest idea.

But it was back to work on Saturday.

I found this little guy when removing the tarp we had put down for the earlier rain:

I carried him to the safety of the woods along the creek before we began shoveling into the dirt pile he had been burrowed into.

Thanks to the help of a family friend, my mom and I were able to focus almost entirely on the stone walk and wall outside the springhouse.  Inside the springhouse, Adam (a once-upon-a-time preschool student of my mom's who still likes to spend an occassional weekend at The Farm) put in a hard day's work completing the job of knocking out the old plaster ceiling. 

It was very neat to see the original cedar shingles and rafters (which are small tree trunks) revealed. 

Work progressed outside of the springhouse as well:

I was originally planning a loose gravel or mulch walkway, but when digging we uncovered an old fieldstone sidewalk buried under about a foot and a half of dirt.  Two large stones were broken by the backhoe before we realized what they were, but the wide stone in the middle of the walkway is from the original sidewalk. 

And remember this?  That second step in the picture above is the right half of the old lintel above the front door.  (The left half is now a lintel over a window on the south side of the house.)

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