Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Kitchen Again

Monday afternoon:

I was home with a sick kidlet on Monday, so I got a fair amount of painting accomplished.  As the above picture shows, I took off the back door so I could get a cleaner paint job around the door frame.  Thankfully, Monday was unusually warm for this winter.  It was about freezing.  (Tonight we'll be back down around zero.)

Tuesday night:

By Tuesday night I had the door back up and a second coat of paint on some of the beadboard.  The rest of that tape might be up through this weekend.  And the blue walls are still grating on me a bit (although the peach-y steel door is grating on me much more at the moment).

1 comment:

  1. I just got done reading the whole blog, and I have to say that 1. I am jealous about your house. I think it is wonderful! 2. I cried when I read about what happened to Old Win. It made me so very sad that someone burnt it down. It was and could have been a beautiful house. 3. I can't wait to read about what else you do to your older home. And wheres a pic of the reading nook? Thanks for sharing what you have done with your home.