Sunday, October 4, 2009


Went back to the house last night. My grandparents wanted to know if they could see it. The previous owners are mostly moved out, just the usual 85% moved out stuff is left behind. Trinkets and toys that have been in storage for years litter the floors, along with all the dust bunnies that had been hiding under the bed and behind the fridge. Having just moved five months ago ourselves it looked pretty familiar.

But seeing the house again, mostly empty this time, was sublime. And scary. We have so much work ahead of us. So much work. How I wish this was April rather than October. But, oh my heavens, what a house. For the first time I really studied the woodwork inside the front door. It's amazing. And the living room (where those curtains I've been working on will go) is jaw-dropping. With the furniture out we noticed the baseboards for the first time. They are the highest baseboards I think I've ever seen. Will have to get a ruler in there to measure.

(Oh, and this news just in - we have a closing date! 48 hours from now we'll be homeowners again!)

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