Friday, October 30, 2009

Who Ya Gonna Call?

Well, we have our first unexplained happening at the house. Perfect timing for Halloween!

About a week ago I made some yummy chocolate pumpkin muffins, and like a good home-owner I kept my contractors happy by leaving a plate at the house. The masons must have really liked them, because two of them ate all 6 muffins before the third worker was able to get any. So, I baked another batch and left a plate at the house before going to work yesterday. But the masons did not work yesterday, so before leaving the house in the evening I brought the muffins inside and left them on the counter. (I'll admit here that my mom and I each ate one muffin, but there were 4 left when we locked up the house.) This morning my mom was the first person at the house. Shortly after 9am the masons arrived, and she told them that I had made more muffins. But when she went in the house to get them they were gone. The zip-lock bag and the styrafoam plate they had been on were still on the counter where I left them, but no muffins. No tools were missing and nothing was knocked down or disturbed. Just four missing muffins.

Ah well. Perhaps the culprit will come forward some day. And if not, well, "I ain't afraid of no ghosts!"

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