Monday, December 28, 2009

A Family Affair

I'm quite anxious to get back to the Einsel House. When I got home from work today my sister-in-law greeted me with the news that she and my brother, my Aunt D & Uncle D and my mom had all been at the house most of the day. Working together, they got our daughter's bedroom insulated. A & my uncle D took the unenviable jobs of crawling behind the knee-walls to insulate. And Uncle D took a staple to a finger, which may be the most serious injury incurred at the Einsel House to date. Uncle D stoically claimed he didn't need a bandaid, but my mom got him to take one by saying, "Kimberly won't want blood all over the house, so you'd better put one on." She was right.

Pictures will follow as soon as I get to the house to take them. For now, here's some visible progress outside of Cecilia's bedroom - the old windows followed by the new windows.

(More painting and repointing will obviously be coming next spring.)

To D, D, A, B & of course mom - Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I'm so sorry to have missed today. A good group of people working together can make for such a fun day, and it makes me smile just to imagine the five of you working and laughing together today. : )


  1. Everybody have their tetanus shots?

  2. Very interesting how deeply inset those windows are. Do you have much of a sill on the inside?

  3. These two windows originally did not have any sill inside the house. With the new windows we have about 6" of sill inside the room. Every other window in the stone part of the house has sills that are 13" deep.