Friday, December 25, 2009

Waiting for the Kidlets to Wake

It's after 7am Christmas morn, but there's no pitter patter of little feet yet, so, I have to share the pictures I took at the Einsel House yesterday. Visiting the house yesterday was a bit like Christmas a day early for me. (Actually, every day I visit the Einsel House still feels a bit like Christmas to me!) I'll start again with the kitchen ceiling. The contractors are doing an excellent job bracing and strengthening the roof here. The two large black tubes are ductwork for the heating system. Since we are losing the cathedral ceiling we will now be able to heat this end of the room. It's at least a silver lining to a cloud.

The picture below I find very interesting. (Have you noticed yet that whenever I say that the next pictures has stone in it?) This is the wall in a corner of the dining room. This corner will be boxed out for more ductwork, but they uncovered the original stone wall first. I love this because the chisel marks in the stone are so obvious. As I explained in a post earlier this fall these same chisel marks can be found on many of the stones on the Einsel House's exterior (albeit they are much more faded there due to 160 plus years of exposure to the elements). According to our masonry contractor, each chisel mark represents a hammer blow to a chisel back when the stone was quarried. As I try to count the number of lines on these stones I am again left in awe at the amount of work that went into the construction of this house.

And, as I mentioned at the end of the last post, we have replacment windows installed! Here's Cecilia's future bedroom - ceiling and knee walls gutted, with two new windows facing east:

That covered up window at the end of the last post? Here she is today:

And to tie this all together, here is a picture taken through one of the new windows looking out over our stronger, straighter roof at the north end of the kitchen:

But stay tuned, folks, I have another post coming regarding our new windows.....

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