Sunday, September 25, 2011


Among my future plans for the Einsel House is an herb garden with a brick walk.  The garden won't happen until (at least) next summer, but I've already been stalking Craigslist for several months in case an opportunity for bricks presented itself.  Unfortunately, after at least 4 months of watching no such opportunity appeared.  But then last week my grandma gave me a call.

Remember this house?

Well, I've got a source of bricks now.

My grandma knew I was looking for bricks and when she called to tell me about the huge brick house she saw being torn down on the way to her sister's it didn't take long for me to realize I knew exactly what house she was talking about.  I called the owner last night and was given permission to take whatever I wanted.  ("At least you were kind enough to ask first," the owner's wife said.)  Two trailer loads came back today; mostly bricks but also one stone lintel and two large corbels that were not too damaged by the wrecking ball.  I plan to go back for more bricks as the weather permits.

I sensed back in December that this house would never see renovation, but the salvage trip today was still bittersweet.


  1. Man. I hate looking at those "after" photos.

  2. Wow. I gasped when I saw the after photos. What a shame!