Thursday, September 29, 2011

Shed Hardware

^ Not for the Einsel Shed ^
Last Sunday I drove 30 miles so that I would have more than one home improvement store to peruse for hardware for double shed doors.  Turns out I could have saved myself some time and just stayed home, because every store I went in had the same selection of generic T hinges as the local Lowe's.  Any size I could ask for, but all the same style - and not the style I had in mind.

So I came back home and after a few hours on the computer I found (and ordered) the following:

I can't wait for these to arrive!  Unfortunately, I'm going to have to be patient.  Despite being listed as "in stock" I got an email immediately after placing my order estimating that the hinges will ship in late October and the latch in mid November.  Disappointing to be sure, but not enough to send me back after those boring box store hinges.

Not much else to report here other than a few more salvage trips to the old Second Empire.  Tuesday I loaded the back of our little Ford Ranger down with bricks, and Wednesday (in the rain) my mom and I gave the truck another test by loading up four stone window lintels.  There's more rain tonight and Friday's already booked, but I want to get back this weekend for more bricks (and whatever else is too good to leave behind). 


  1. Are those from Van Dyke's? Very nice.

  2. Yep - Van Dyke's. I can waste a lot of time on their web site. :)