Sunday, January 31, 2010

Another Weekend Report

This weekend was more of the same. Sanding, sanding, sanding. Pictured below is the hallway upstairs, before sanding at left, and after at right. (We didn't do the railing yet, but with everything else done I'm thinking it really should be done now too.)

I should have taken a picture of the other end of the hall as well. If I had, you would see that we also got all three bedroom doors and their accompanying trim sanded as well.

That was Saturday, with Charles and I working together. Charles kept busy with the power tools on the smooth surfaces while I inched around the room with a variety of scrapers and sanding blocks working on the trim. The picture at right was actually taken a couple weeks ago, but it is an accurate portrayal of how I spent all of Saturday. 12 hours straight of that kind of work is hard on the arms.

When we got back to the farm Saturday night, my mom reported that our oldest kidlet was requesting a Mom Day, so Charles went to the Einsel House by himself today, while the kids and I spent some quality time together. Of course, some of that quality time was spent picking up our special ordered 600 square feet of kitchen and bath flooring. As we pulled out of the parking lot with the back end of the van weighed down rather heavily, the youngest kidlet was singing, "You save big money, you save big money, when you shop Menards!"

Back at the Einsel House, Charles finished sanding in our future bedroom. (I'll have to tackle the edging job in our room on another day.) The living room is the next (and final) room on the sanding list.

In other news, new floor registers are popping up in various rooms. Even better, there is heat coming from these registers! That's right, for the first time this winter we actually have central heating at the Einsel House. Before this, it was usually about 80 degrees in the basement, around 60 degrees on the first floor, and pretty darn cold upstairs. Now, we can set the thermostat and get the same temperature throughout the house. This is all because the HVAC crew went ahead and hooked the temporary furnace to all the new ductwork they've installed. The new furnace and heat pump are sitting in boxes in the kitchen waiting for us to get done sanding, and then they will be installed.

(I realize that the register is the focal point of that last picture, but did you notice the beautiful, nicely sanded baseboard in the background?)


  1. That's a nice looking register, do you know the brand etc. or did the HVAC folk buy it? I am not happy with my floor registers...

    I think you have the top photos swapped :-)

    That's an interesting end (post?) to the railing, I haven't seen one like that before.

  2. Nope, the photos are not swapped :-)

    I'm not sure what brand the registers are, the HVAC contractor provided them. I'll try to remember to ask them next time I catch them at the house.