Monday, January 18, 2010

A Bunch of Boring, Repetitive Pictures

Boring and repetitive, perhaps, but don't you agree they are lovely? The drywall seems to me to be visible evidence that we've reached the "putting back together phase" - we're "over the hump" at least as far as interior construction. It gives me hope that someday (I'm itching to add the word "soon" here - but I realize that's probably still premature) we'll reach that glorious day when we can begin PAINTING!!! And shortly after painting will be that even more glorious day when we can actually MOVE IN!!!!!

Okay, I'm calming back down. Patience. Patience.

Much of the new drywall is covering equally new ductwork. With solid stone walls, we didn't have many options for placing ductwork other than boxing it out of the corners of rooms. We did this as unobtrusively as possible. I actually like the dining room (the last drywall picture). That little angle at the top of the drywall makes me smile. When the HVAC contractor asked if it was okay to angle the ductwork there I gave an emphatic "Yes!". My only request was that they not cover any of the woodwork surrounding either door. With the baseboard back up and the wall finished I think this corner will look like it fits right in with the rest of the house.

Speaking of the rest of the house, it's still dusty. We didn't get to any of the bedrooms, but the laundry room was a focus of attention all weekend. Saturday was lovely. Charles' dad spent the day with our son, and for lunch they brought everyone at the Einsel House hot dogs, corn on the cob and a pot of baked beans. We left the Einsel House at 7pm and when we got back to the farm we were greeted by my brother and sister-in-law, who had a turkey dinner ready, complete with mashed potatoes and green beans. We were spoiled that day!

In the laundry room Charles ripped out the carpet. The wood floor is lovely, but unfortunately there are two old register holes that have been covered with plywood. Charles has brought up the "C" word, but I'm still plotting ways to keep the original wood uncovered. I spent the entire weekend sanding more woodwork (with help both days from my dad). Somewhere earlier on this blog I stated that none of the woodwork in the Einsel House had ever been painted. I was wrong. After getting up close and personal with the trim in the laundry room, it is obvious that the entire room had been painted at one time. The good news is that someone before us decided to strip the wood back to it's original walnut. And they did a good job. The bad news is that whoever we owe this thanks to got tired before they finished the room, and with two baseboards left they broke out the brown paint.

Below are pictures of one of those baseboards, first with the brown paint, and second without the brown paint (and without most of the white paint that was under it). This baseboard sanded down quite nicely, but I forgot to get a final picture.

I'm glad that stripping paint will not be a recurring theme at the EH. I spent large portions of Saturday and Sunday sitting crosslegged on the floor. By Sunday night I had bruises running down both legs from repeatedly bracing my elbows against my legs for additional leverage as I pulled the scraper against the wood. But seeing the tight grain in the original walnut undercovered again makes it all worthwhile. : )

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