Friday, January 15, 2010

Change in Plans

Earlier this week I spent nearly $50.00 on sand paper. And another $20.00 on respirators. This weekend we’ll put that $70.00 to work.

Yes, delayed gratification is becoming a theme at the Einsel House. We’ve got tung oil and two colors of paint that were originally integral parts of the plan for this coming weekend, but it now looks like they will all remain sealed for the indefinite future. Charles and I stopped by the house briefly yesterday and were quite pleased with the progress being made by the contractors. Our general contractor has been quite busy hanging drywall. And the HVAC crew finally has all the new ductwork installed.

On the HVAC front, the only work left will be replacing the temporary furnace with the permanent furnace, and then attaching all this new ductwork to the new furnace. However, it would be healthier for our new furnace if we can finish all the dusty work while the temp is still on the job. So, rather than painting and finishing woodwork we’ve decided to spend this weekend doing more sanding. I predict the bedrooms and laundry room will see most of the action.

Stay tuned for pictures….

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