Friday, January 1, 2010


Such a perfectly lovely New Year's Day! After a long and trying December, it was like therapy to spend the entire day at the Einsel House getting nice and dusty and dirty. We spent the entire day sanding woodwork in the dining room, as Celia demonstrates below:

(Mom and I had oscillating hand sanders, but we haven't upgraded Celia to the power tools yet.) I spent most of the afternoon on the basement door, which is so perfectly delicious:
Every door on the first floor of the Einsel House looks like this basement door. The board in the middle of each door is 15 1/2" tall. They are all mortise and tenon construction. The only nails in these doors are holding on the hardware. But the doors are not the only mortise and tenon construction in the Einsel House. Take a look at this:

This picture was taken by sticking the camera into a hole the HVAC contractor cut to run ductwork to the second floor. It shows the area between the ceiling of the first floor and the floor of the bedroom above. Although I was not at the house when this was discovered, my mom tells me that the contractor was quite amazed when he discovered this.

And a couple more pictures to catch up on the family work day at the house last week. Here's the back bedroom with insulation:

And below is a left over piece of Einsel House history. My sister-in-law discovered this shoe behind the north knee-wall while insulating. I have no idea how old it is, but it looks like about a size 7.

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  1. A laced boot! How up to date!

    What are we seeing pegged to what in that HVAC hole photo? The piece on the right seems to be some sort of box construction. Love that whacking long peg!