Sunday, September 13, 2009

Pictures!!! (of houses we will not be living in)

(Trivial detail I know.) I mentioned in an earlier post that Charles and I spent part of Labor Day in Centerville, Ohio. There's a very good reason for that....

So although the pictures that follow are not of our house (sorry!) they should give a pretty good idea what kind of house we are buying. The first picture below is now a museum. Of course everything was closed while we were there.

Below is a picture of the front of a building that is now home to an interior design business.

The next house is quite similar in design to our house. Three windows over two on the front with a centered entrance door. Our porch is much smaller, though. We also have a story and a half stone wing off the back of the house, where this home has a frame wing painted white.

The house below is now a funeral home. It was by far the largest of the stone homes we saw in Circleville.

This home is a private residence. We thought the tan and white paint presents a nice clean look. This is also another 3-over-2 house similar to ours. I also liked the centered dormer framed out of the roof. It's something we could easily do to our house to gain some attic space.

These last few pictures are of another house museum. I loved this place. The paint colors and landscaping were just delicious.

Notice the dental molding in the picture above? I love it, but don't think it would work as well on our house. Our frame addition has board and batten siding rather than clapboard and is a bit more rustic. But we love the colors here, so much so that I went to the van and came back with paint samples so that we can try to match these colors on our own home. One thing I don't think we can match will be the deep red on the windows. Our home's original windows are gone, and the replacements are white vinyl. The old house lover in me sort of cringes, but I know the original windows were in very poor condition and the replacements will be nice in the cold of winter. The old house lover in me still cringes, though. Right now we're thinking we'll use the deep red on our exterior doors instead.

We're heading back to our house next week for a round with HVAC contractors, and I'll try to remember to get some pictures. Just be prepared - our house is not quite as picturesque as the ones posted above. At least not yet!

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