Saturday, September 19, 2009

Wish I was ten years old again

Because I would have had a blast playing in the woods along this creek. While we talked with another contractor Friday afternoon, our children spent the entire time exploring along the creek. Since leaving, our son has drawn at least three maps of the paths he plans to clear through the woods. They're going to love living there.

The picture below shows the stone bridge that crosses the creek (if you can find it in the midst of all the greenery). The creek bed is basically dry right now, but we've been told it can turn into a fast moving stream very quickly during spring rains.

The last picture shows the springhouse. This poor building has obviously been largely ignored for a long time. Right now it is difficult to get close enough for a good inspection. As the picture shows, the small lower door needs some work and although you can't tell from this picture, the entire floor inside is collapsing. But all in all, the building definately looks like it can be saved. The springhouse cannot be seen from the road at all, and the first time I drove down the lane my jaw just dropped when I caught sight of it. Spring houses (like stone houses) are very rare around here.

That's all the eye candy for today. For now we'll keep collecting bids from contractors, waiting for a call from the sheriff department.

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  1. What a nice little place you have! I am so happy for you...this house suits you and your family perfectly!