Tuesday, September 29, 2009

While We Wait

This won't be an update on any pending complications to the sale. For better or for worse, we'll know more by this Thursday afternoon and I'll update then.

Last Sunday I went went back to the pile of fabric in the corner of the dining room. I pricked my finger twice while basting some pleats on our future living room curtains, but still it felt good to be doing something concrete and productive. We picked up the fabric back on our Labor Day trip. The fabric was 50% off and Charles gets a 15% educator discount on top of sales prices at Joann's.

For the living room I chose a paisley print in creams, greens and blues. The curtains will be a classic festoon with jabots design and they will hang from tension rods set as deep as possible in the window. Because although the curtains will be nice, it is the windows themselves that I want to really shine. What will be our living room was quite obviously used as the parlor in our home's earlier life. All of the original walnut woodwork remains, and it is unpainted. Because of the stone walls the three windows have sills around a foot deep, again solid original walnut wood. Above the windows is crown molding that extends to the ceiling, and below the windows are raised panels extending to the floor. So if you put that all together, you have three windows with floor-to-ceiling original walnut trim, and sills a foot deep before you reach the six-over-six windows.

I can't help smiling just thinking about those windows. : )

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