Friday, March 5, 2010

A Sign of Spring

I'm not talking about the bright sunshine coming through the window, the approaching time change, or even about anything green poking through the melting snow.

Nope, I'm talking about the call we just got from our general contractor. He's working upstairs and can hear our bats waking up in the attic. Yipes.

I just ordered two of these. Somehow I doubt two will be enough, but it's at least a starting point. I suspect we have enough bats to justify this. I really hope we don't have enough bats to need this though.


  1. Here's hoping two bat houses will be enough. Look at the bright side: at least you won't have mosquitoes this summer!

  2. i had to just laugh!!! have fun with those bats! hopefully they wont find a way from the attic to the 2nd or 1st floor!

  3. So how do you convince them to move from the attic to the new bat house/motel/condo/castle?

  4. Hopefully there won't be any "convincing" needed to get them out of the attic. More like a forced eviction. From what I understand we'll start by sealing all the holes where the bats gain access to the attic until there is only one entry point left open. We will then install a one-way door over that hole. (One-way being out.) Once the door has been in place at least a week we should have a bat-free attic and can seal up the last hole.

    As for convincing them to move into the new houses, I'm not sure. We'll put a nice coat of black paint on them and hope for the best!