Thursday, March 4, 2010

A Compliment

Last night my mom and I depleted our supply of painter’s tape wrapping all the woodwork in the dining room in plastic. (At one point my mom stated, “This room has a lot of woodwork.” Of course I reminded her that that was a good thing.) Then, just before Charles primed the room’s ceiling, we spread cardboard over the entire floor.

This cardboard was generously given to us by a local appliance store. As soon as we got off work yesterday Charles and I met at this store and loaded six refrigerator boxes into the back of the Ford Ranger. Charles carried each box from the back of the store out to the truck while I stayed in the store, taking wire cutters to the straps around each box and breaking it down so we could fit as many boxes in the truck’s bed as possible. After taking a phone call the store’s owner came back to check on us. Charles was on his way out to the truck and I was attacking the next box. The owner watched for about a minute and then commented, “You’re quite a worker.” There was noticeable awe in his voice. I looked up from stamping down the next box, still wearing heels and slacks from my day job, and said, “Thanks!” It was one of the best compliments I’ve received in quite a while.

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