Saturday, March 13, 2010

Meanwhile, Back at the Einsel House

I'll be leaving for the Einsel House soon, but wanted to put up a few pictures showing some of the other work that's been going on at the house recently. (Although my entries here are sometimes one-track, work at the house is always proceeding on several fronts simultaneously.)

First up, remember the cracks in the walls that I've mentioned here a few times? (Part the natural result of old plaster walls, and part the result of four new jacks in the basement.) They are being filled in preparation for painting:

Second, the dining room ceiling is finished (minus primer and paint). There is a light texture on the new ceiling, similar to what is in the kitchen. This was a concession on my part (ideal would have been a perfectly flat ceiling) but because of the size of the room and the fact that the south end of the ceiling still has a slight bow, our contractor encouraged some texture.

Third, the book nook is taking shape. I loved my mom's idea of using boards to make plank walls. The back stairway at Old Winchester had plank walls and I'm thrilled to be able to use that idea at the Einsel House, even in a small way.

Fourth, below is a picture of one of the original basement windows modified to be a two pane window instead of three:
We will be reusing all the other basement windows in their original size, but the extra width was taken off of this window so that there would be room for lots of "stuff" - the drier vent, gas line to the furnace, two electric lines (one to the septic system, and one a 'someday' line for the springhouse), and I think something else that I'm forgetting right now.

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