Thursday, March 25, 2010

Painting Begins

Neil's room has been painted since some time in February (or was it January?) so I suppose "Painting Continues" would be a more correct title for this post. But this time, painting has commenced in earnest, one room to be followed by another, and another, and another, until every wall and ceiling in the house is fresh and clean and bright.

First up is the kitchen:

I'm loving the light blue/gray color so far. I'm contemplating painting the ceiling beams and the rest of the woodwork in this room white, but so far I'm content with just contemplating. (At the moment I've got plenty of more pressing items on my to-do list). But I am planning to paint the kitchen cupboards a deep charcoal shade of gray sometime this summer.

Tomorrow after work will be spent priming and painting ceilings, and then the coming weekend should be a mix of more painting and finishing trims.

Our general contractor is planning to be finished at the house within the next week. He has a bit more sanding to do in the back bedroom and he is also going to install the new front door. In a few weeks we will welcome back the masonry crew to continue repointing with the south side of the house. It's snowing outside at the moment, but I'm ready for spring (bats and all!)


  1. Did a drive by this morning... the first thing we noticed was the very straight roof line of the kitchen!!! So nice, we are hoping to catch you there next time. Cousin Jen and Aunt J

  2. Sorry you missed us! I got there just after 9 this morning, so you must have been out early.