Sunday, April 18, 2010

Some Then and Now (And One Very Happy Little Girl)

As promised, here is a selection of pictures showing how far we've come in six months. These are tagged before and after for this post, but the title "Then and Now" is more appropriate. In spite of six months of work, not a single one of these pictures is a true "After". (But we're definately much closer!)

Front of the house:

Looking up from the creek:

A window in Neil's room:

In the dining room:

More dining room:

I'll have to put together some kitchen and living room pictures for another post, but the second half of this post will be devoted to the back bedroom. It was painted yesterday, which made one four year old little girl thrilled to pieces.

(Can you tell she had a piece of pink frosted birthday cake just before she took over painting?)

Our daughter's future bedroom provides some of the most impressive photos for comparison:

There will be more pictures of her room coming (and the book nook as well) but before I head to the house here are a couple of in progress pictures from Cecilia's bedroom:


  1. Wow! Looks like you've been busy! It always amazes me how much better things look once you've painted.

    Your attic project looks a bit like what lays ahead for us. We were just talking about it today so it's funny I'd see your post about this on

  2. I think if I had seen that bedroom I would have fled...