Friday, June 4, 2010

Getting There

The camera and I have been a bit under the weather, but with a bit of coaxing we're working together to get a short post up tonight. The house is looking nice. Here's a picture of the kitchen taken a week ago:

Almost looks good enough to move in. : )

The "under construction" look returned a bit when we moved the new island in. Here's the island, sanded down to bare wood, minus the top:

And stained to match the walnut in the rest of the house:

More attention for the island is in the plans for this weekend. And to close this post out, here's a few more pictures showing how the house is coming together.

The dining room:

South bedroom:

Back bedroom:

And the south side of the house's exterior:


  1. Do you have photos of the original kitchen?

  2. If by "original" you mean "when we bought the house", then yes, you can find them in the 10/10/09 post here titled Interior Pictures. (I'd give you a link, but I'm not sure how to do that in a comment.)

    If by "original" you mean "original", then no, I don't have any pictures. The PO completely remodeled the kitchen in about 2001. The current cupboards and woodwork all date from then.

    Eventually, we plan to replace the countertop, add some crown molding to the cabinets and paint all woodwork (except the island) white.

  3. This is Bekki, The PO daughter, I can get you pictures of the house when we moved in. We will be going through boxes of old things soon, so when we find them i will drop them off to you guys:)

  4. Bekki - Thank you so much!!! We would love the chance to see older pictures of the house!