Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Gutters, and Doors, and Heat - Oh My!

That's right - there are gutters on the house! And the color looks perfectly delicious next to the stones!

Charles picked up our special order storm doors tonight, so they'll be on the house soon!

And we have heat! The temporary furnace is up and running - and just in time, because there were snowflakes coming down for a bit this morning. But it's still supposed to hit 60 again over the weekend!

(And with that I think I've used up my weekly allowance of exclamation points. I'll try to be a bit more sedate with the next post.) : )


  1. So when are you guys actually moving in? Spring? I'm loving the blog, so fun to watch the progress!

  2. Good question, Katie. Spring is probably a good guess. We'll have a better idea once we start to dig into the interior jobs that we've been putting off in favor of exterior stuff while the weather still holds.

  3. Kim and Charles:
    What a joy to work on your house and such a great day that God provided!! You two, along with Al and Alice and everyone else deserve a round of applause! In just four weeks, you have stabilized the house, repaired major systems and still have two great working days left! I know... the masons and hvac and roofing people did most of the work, however the driving force are the ones who find the right contractors coming in the right sequence without gaps. And the work that you are doing... time consuming and just plain seemingly endless. I can picture your dream coming together, and even though it will take a while and lots of pennies, it will all be worth it as you have a home built to last a century with a little tlc now and then. Thanks for the invitation to help, I enjoyed it! June
    I still think you should ask "this old house" for advice, there may be some freebies!

  4. Awwww, thanks June! You were a wonderful help - and wonderful company!