Sunday, November 29, 2009

Meet the Supervisor

This is Maxine the Cat. She spent most of the weekend supervising our work.

Shortly after this she actually jumped up on my shoulders.

With sidekick Fluffers.
They had to be forcibly removed from the ladder before we could put it away.

(No paint was spilled in the taking of these pictures,
but Maxine's tail didn't fare quite so well.)


  1. Hello! This is Bekki who lived there before. Mom and dad were wondering how bubbles is doing and the cats. As we seen on here, fluffers seems to be getting along well. Please let us know and much luck:)

  2. They are all doing fine, Bekki. We have some straw for them in the barn, and we got them a heated water dish earlier this week. Charles even came home a few days ago with one of those huge pillow-type pet beds that Bubbles will be getting for Christmas. :)