Saturday, November 21, 2009

Another Busy Day

Today was another beautiful fall day and we took full advantage. First, the guys lit the huge pile of junk we've been collecting in the back yard. You can see Charles and my dad in the background. They watched for a while to be sure the fire didn't spread.

Meanwhile, I worked on the "window" pictured below.

The previous owners added a closet on the other side of this window, so it no longer opened to any room. The white on the before picture above is just the backside of the closet's drywall. We took out the old window, framed the opening, added insulation, styrafoam backer board and some closed "shutters" to finish it off.

I also put a final coat of paint on the following area. Anyone unfamiliar with what this area looked like a month ago wouldn't give a second glance now. But - we know what it looked like a month ago, and we're pretty darn pleased with the way it looks now.

And of course my mom was at the house as well. With help from Charles' dad, they began finishing the wall outside the bathroom sinks. When we took a break for dinner they had made the following progress:

And with that I'm off to bed. Back to the house tomorrow (with an early Thanksgiving dinner in the plan too!)


  1. I'll bet you are grateful....judging by the pictures, the house is really coming along!

  2. sounds like you guys are getting a lot accomplished! I would love to come and meet this new house! Fred is going out of town dec. 1 so maybe one evening the kids and i can drive out or even on a sunday! take care, and happy turkey day kim!

  3. What a great idea to deal with the blind window by applying a "shutter"!