Tuesday, November 17, 2009

House Treasures

Our work in the house has uncovered a few little treasures. First there was the bell my mother uncovered in the basement.

It didn't look quite like this when she found it, but my Uncle N sandblasted it clean and we spray painted it to match the exterior light fixtures. This thing is much heavier than it looks, and it has a very loud, full sound. I'd love to know how old it is. We're debating whether to hang it on the house right outside the kitchen door, or if we should put it on a post along the sidewalk from the driveway up to the kitchen.

Shortly after my mom found the bell, Charles uncovered this gorgeous door knob (also from the basement). This doesn't match any of the other door knobs in the house, but it is so stunningly beautiful that I'm considering using it somewhere in the house anyway.

This came with the house as well, although we only have 3 of the 5 globes. Art deco isn't a style I usually gravitate toward, but it's an interesting light fixture none-the-less.

And of course we've also inherited a bunch of complete junk - but it's exciting when you uncover a treasure admist the trash!


  1. hi its bekki(used to live in ur house) dad was wondering if u found the aereator yet? thanks for letting us watch the progress it is very interesting

  2. Yes, Bekki! It was in the same shed moved over to a corner. We plugged it in and it still runs, so once the tank refills with water (we had it pumped) we'll put the aereator back in.

  3. ok dad will be so glad to hear that!