Sunday, November 29, 2009

Another Weekend Outdoors

A Busy Thanksgiving updated - I've got the promised picture from the parlor. But first, here's a reminder of what we started with:

And what we ended with:

There's obviously a lot of work yet to do, but it really is amazing how much larger and brighter the room feels with the wall down. And it brings attention back to the woodwork surrounding the door. I'm anxious to get the transom and sidelights back in. (And of course to get that front door replaced as well.)

In the corner of the room we now have this pile of 2x4s, which we salvaged from the walls we took down:

We also have this five-gallon bucket filled about 3 inches deep with all the nails and screws we pulled out of the boards we salvaged (I have no idea what that aerosol can is doing in there):

Thus ends the Thanksgiving update; on to this weekend. The weather once again was wonderful. November has truly been a gift. Based on the extended forecast I suspect that our exterior work may be halted until next spring, but we have been blessed to get as far as we have.

This weekend we focused on the area outside the bathroom. Again, here's reminder of where we started:

And where we are now:

It's much better, but we're not quite done. In addition to waiting for the local home improvement store to restock hinges we have more painting to do along the eave.

The steps here clearly show the former porch which was enclosed when the bathroom was expanded. To the right is another former window. This was also closed when the bathroom was remodeled and now opens to cupboards on the interior. We finished this with "closed shutters" like we did the other closed window on the north side of the house. In this case we had to shorten the shutters to accommodate the fan vent at the top of the old window. When we bought the Einsel House, the ductwork for the bathroom fan was completely unattached. It was hanging loose, venting everything directly into the small cupboard beside the bathtub. The hole where the vent was intended to be was instead home to a large birdnest. Our weekend started with displacing the birds and reattaching the fan vent.

Finally, here's a current view of the entire stone house. It's not too bad. But if you cut the picture in two and only look at the bottom half it's downright good. :)

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