Sunday, November 1, 2009


Finally, some more pictures. First off, here's my mom and I making some "progress".

That wall now has its second coat of paint on and the door frame is now on as well. Also, see that baseboard-type board along the bottom of the wall to the right of my mom? We added that ourselves. Below is a before and after shot.

The baseboard has a beveled upper edge so that water should run off of it. (That and we went through about 20 tubes of caulk on this wall.) The existing battens had been cut off at random heights, some 4 inches above the concrete, some up to nine inches above the concrete. We made the baseboard 7 inches tall, so we had to cut some battens shorter but then used those pieces to extend the battens that didn't reach the baseboard.

The masons have been making more progress too. Below is a picture of some of the new tuckpointing on the front of the house. The masons looked at the mortar on the springhouse (which they think is original) and did their best to match the springhouse's mortar color and joint finish on the house.
We still have a hole above the front door, but hopefully it will be filled in soon. The new lintel was finished on Friday and was set in place the same day.

The masons next step will be to fill in the rest of the hole with stones found on the property. (The stones they took out were broken and in small pieces, so they cannot simply put back up what they took down.) This will be something like putting a puzzle together. Below is a picture of some of the "puzzle pieces" they will use for this job. Some of these came from the north side of the springhouse and others were found in the creek bed.

In other news - we got a tree planted near the house.

We rescued two doors from the springhouse. (These fit the doors at the bottom of the stairs and the front entrance to what will be our temporary laundry room/family closet.)

The LP tank has been placed with lines run to the house. The temporary furnace is in place in the basement as well, but it is not functional yet. (No picture of this, sorry.)

And one last picture for this post - this was Friday's sunset with storm clouds rolling in taken over the barn.

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