Thursday, November 19, 2009


We've had a busy week. The dreaded H1N1 hit the babysitter's family, so the first half of this week we were juggling back up childcare for our youngest and dealing with hour early dismissal for her older brother because of parent teacher conferences. The only house-related task I accomplished in three days was the hour and a half I spent in Sherwin Williams getting paint samples for the kitchen walls.

But work at the house has continued - thanks to my mom. Check out her progress below.

By herself my mom replaced the boards under this window and replaced all of the missing and damaged battens from this section. She also framed out the window, and has done prep work for several other jobs that are coming up on the "to do" list. But as thrilled as I was tonight to see the progress on the house, I've been even more tickled to see mom really enjoying her time at the house.

Charles and I knew going into this that we would have support from our families, but as the days pass we continue to be amazed at the level of that support. The hands-on work with saws, drills, paintbrushes and the like certainly makes for the best before and after pictures, but it is far from the only support we have received. So many have found ways to help us along this journey, each according to their own ability, and to all of them we are grateful. So to everyone who has helped us keep an eye on the kids at the house, to everyone who still acts interested when we start talking about the house for the 78th time, to everyone who has shared so willingly of time, of talent, of treasure; we say thank you. We're grateful. Truly grateful.


  1. Found your blog just today via's link on Facebook. Welcome to the land of Housebloggery! Your account of what happened after the sheriff's sale had me on tenterhooks, even though I could assume all must have come out well in the end.

    You don't say exactly where in Ohio you live. But assuming you're somewhere in the Dayton orbit, it might interest you to know that a fellow houseblogger, Gary Leitzell, was just elected mayor of that city. Because of that I'm not looking for many updates to his houseblog,, but it's a treasure trove of all things relating to the renovation of a mid-1800s house. E.g., if you want to freshen up your interior wood trim as it originally would have been, enter "shellac" in the Search window.

    I'm over here in western Pennsylvania, redoing a WWI era foursquare, but I love the old stone farmhouses and I'll be checking in from time to time to see how things are going at the Einsel House.

  2. Thanks Kate! I'm actually several hours north of Dayton, but I'm familiar with the TOCH blog. You are correct that it is a treasure trove - and a good read.

    My parents have given a lot of love to their own WWI era American foursquare. Best of luck with your own house, and thanks again for the welcome to Housebloggery!